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Sleighride at Fair Winds FarmHayrides & Sleighrides

Whether you choose to fill the sleigh or wagon with your group or join others for a special holiday ride, you will enjoy snuggling down into the loose hay for a ride through our fields and woods. Delight in the babble of the brook, the brightness of the stars, the singing of the wind in the hemlocks as you let the business of the world melt away.

Reserved rides:
Available most any mutually convenient time of the day or evening (additional charge for evening rides), and any time of year. The vehicles hold about 12 adults, two vehicles are available for larger parties. Half hour ride, allow time to visit the animals as well. Call for reservations. Our rustic, heated greenhouse is available for your event for an additional charge. Adults $12, Kids 3-12 $8 with a minimum charge of $75. Evenings (after 5pm) minimum charge $100.

HayrideNon-reserved ride events:
Only available during special events noted on the Main Calendar. These celebrations currently include Winter Carnival and New Years' Eve. Vehicles are filled on a first come - first served basis. 20 minute rides follow a similar route through woods and fields.

Winter Carnival:
1-4 pm on the days listed during Winter Carnival. Sleigh or wagon, rain or shine, 20 minute rides, adults $8.00, 3-12yrs: $4.00.

Last Night Rides:
In conjunction with Brattleboro's Last Night Celebration, we offer these rides on a no-reservations-needed basis. Sleigh or wagon, rain or shine, 20 minute rides, adults $8.00, 3-12yrs: $4.00.

Email us at fairwinds@fairwindsfarm.org or call at 802-254-9067 to schedule your reserved ride.


Fair Winds Horse Profiles
Which horses will pull your ride?

Robin Robin was born at Fair Winds in 2000. She is an enthusiastic and energetic worker who loves to get down and pull. She considers herself to be the 'Quality Control Department' at haying time! She loves to bother and work with her full sister, Rachel and daughter, Nora.   Rachel Rachel was born at Fair Winds in 1998. She is a spitting image of her grandmother, Bonnie. Rachel is smart and sweet, and an 'overachiever' if there ever was one. She is most tolerant of working with her full sister, Robin.

Other horses that you may remember from the past include:

Thor Thor was a gelding who was born in 1998 and is the father of Nora. He was a steady, quiet worker. He was our stallion until 2005.     Nora was born at Fair Winds in 2005, daughter of Robin and Thor. She worked best with Robin, though as long as there was work to do, she was happy to go with anyone. She viewed herself as the quality control department for every tree branch, leaf or stem in sight.
  "Victory's Pattern"
Pat was one of the original four, a stallion who we gelded so he could work with daughter, Stella. Pat and Stella were our main team for years. Patient and sweet, they taught us so much and were so forgiving of our shortcomings! Pat died when he was 26 after many, many years of hard work.
  Stella "Fred's Double E Delight"
One of the first four horses that we bought in 1980, Stella lived and worked here from when she was three to when she died at age 26. She was the mother of 13 foals, and pulled the sleigh for hunderds of rides. She worked regularly with her father, Pat, her daughter Bonnie, granddaughter Dancer, great-granddaughters Robin & Rachel. She helped all of these and many more horses learn to work, and she taught many, many people to drive at our workshops. She was a woman with style and personality and we miss her! We treasure her influence on the horses that we still have..
Bonnie "Fair Winds Bonnie Star"
The first foal born here with us, Bonnie lived here until she died at age 23. She was smart and quick, figuring out what was being asked and always working to please us. Like her mother, Stella, she taught many horses and people to drive and work with a team. We revel in the stamp that she made on her granddaughter, Rachel.
  Rachel "Fair Winds Dancer"
Dancer was born here at Fair Winds, sold and then bought back. She now lives in NH where she works with her new teamster, Ann. She is as solid as they come, a reliable, steady worker. Her daughters, Robin and Rachel have her steadiness and her appetite!
Vickie "Victoria of Owlhoot"
A cousin of Stella's, Vickie was here at the Farm for several years. She is now in NH where she helps grow vegetables.
    Maggie lived at Fair Winds from 2006- 2008. She was born in Delaware in 1994. She is quiet and sweet, an eager worker who loves to get out and do it! Her favorite teammate is Thor. We are sad to note Maggies' move to the Great Pasture in the Sky in June of 2008.
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